UC Davis Undergraduate Volunteers

UC Davis undergraduate students assist the preceptors and medical students by handling administrative tasks, taking vitals, health-educating patients, assisting with on-site labs and blood draws, and conducting projects.


For over a decade, Shifa has provided UC Davis students with many opportunities to prepare for careers in health care while teaching them the importance of providing communities with culturally competent care.


The clinic serves as an environment in which we can develop sensitivity towards the needs of these people, by encouraging students to return to serve these communities. Thus, we are taking steps for the present and the future needs of the communities.


Shifa Undergraduate Board

Saahirah Mahmood - Personnel Manager

Dana Hazem - Assistant Personnel Manager

Rahul Bodapati and Batol Naji  - Finance Co-Coordinators

Diana Souki - Outreach Coordinator

Maya Sahtout - Health Education Lead

Inara Ali - Publicity Coordinator

Katrina Sam and Anuk Virk - Preceptor Co-Coordinators

Desiree Rafizadeh - Undergraduate Representative

Meraj Alam - EMR Lead

Hadia Lalagul - Alumni Relations Coordinator 

Ayantu Mume - Monitor

Hala Kassar - Monitor

Dina Hammoudeh - Monitor

Kimia Ashktorab - Monitor 

Vijay Reddy - Monitor

Ali Saeed - Monitor

Noor Aljadeed - Monitor

Gamar Alizani - Monitor

Samer Alshaar - Monitor


Shifa Community Clinic


419 V Street Sacramento, CA

Office: (916) 441-6008

Fax: (916) 441-0036

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